SLO Wildflower Honey
  • SLO Wildflower Honey




    SLO Wildflower is our first early spring 2021 Honey...   VERY light in color with a delicious sweet taste that grows with the finish. It is delicious over desserts and other baked treats.


    Honey boxes are placed in the fields just north of San Luis Obispo and capture our first early bloom of Spring 2021.   


    Thomas, owner of Sierra Honey Farm, is a small specialty beekeeper committed to producing the finest "RAW", Unfiltered, Natural Honey in Central California. No heat, steam or separators are used in the production process.

    • 2021 SLO Wildflower Honey is NOW AVAILABLE!

      We are very optimistic our 2021 crop of SLO Wildflower Honey will satisfy our Sierra Honey Farm customers and meet everyone's needs.