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HONEY 3-Pack - Your Choice!

HONEY 3-Pack - Your Choice!

SKU: 0019
$50.85 Regular Price
$48.31Sale Price
1 Pound

Our 2023/24 Honey Varieties are now available and make a great addition to experience Sierra Honey Farm's quality honey.  


Explore all available products... SLO Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Black Sage, Onion Blossom, California Holly, Coastal Wild Buckwheat, and Oak Honeydew, which is loaded with health benefits.  We will introduce more Honey Varieties later this year, so stay tuned - or Join our Team at the bottom of our website.  We will keep you updated as new honey becomes available, or special values are introduced.


All are available in 3-Packs @ 5% off.  Our Bees are proud to enjoy the beauty of our Central Coast Mountains and provide all of us with some awesome Honey Varietals.

  • 3-Pack Assortment Varietals

    We fulfill your 3-Pack order with all available varieties of Sierra Honey Farm Honey, and will be happy to provide a selection of your choice... saving you up to 5%.

    Simply enter your selections in the comment section below.

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