NEW ARRIVAL - Limited supplies of this year's crop!


    Our delicious Apple Blossom Honey is harvested from a local apple farm. It is golden in color with a light fruity flavor. Use it drizzled over pancakes and waffles or as a simple glaze over chicken and pork. 


    Raw Honey is a prebiotic, supporting overall health, and a quick source of energy, rich in antioxidants.


    Thomas, owner of Sierra Honey Farm, is a small specialty beekeeper committed to producing the finest "RAW", Unfiltered, Natural Honey in Central California. No heat, steam or separators are used in the production process.

    • 2021 Apple Blossom Honey is NOW AVAILABLE!

      A first year for Sierra Honey Farm, presenting this special limited crop of Apple Blossom Honey.  We are sure you'll find this honey quite special with a hint of apple and cinnimon to please your tastes.