SORRY...   Apple Blossom Honey is now gone.


    Our delicious Apple Blossom Honey is harvested from a local apple farm. It is golden in color with a light fruity flavor. Use it drizzled over pancakes and waffles or as a simple glaze over chicken and pork. 


    Raw Honey is a prebiotic, supporting overall health, and a quick source of energy, rich in antioxidants.


    Thomas, owner of Sierra Honey Farm, is a small specialty beekeeper committed to producing the finest "RAW", Unfiltered, Natural Honey in Central California. No heat, steam or separators are used in the production process.


    Our Apple Blossom Honey is currently Out-of-Stock...  We will let you know when it becomes available in Spring 2022!  Join us on our website, and we'll let you know when we are ready to meet your needs.

    • 2021 Apple Blossom Honey is NOW AVAILABLE!

      A first year for Sierra Honey Farm, presenting this special limited crop of Apple Blossom Honey.  We are sure you'll find this honey quite special with a hint of apple and cinnimon to please your tastes.